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Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona cofffee, a frothy coffee mixture poured over milk also known as "whipped coffee" is taking social media by storm. This can be easily made at home by whisking together a few ingredients thus creating a fluffy cream that is poured over milk, similar to a latte making you feel like an at home barista.


  • Instant coffee 2 tbsp

  • Sugar 2 tbsp

  • Hot water 2 tbsp

  • Milk

  • Hand mixer preferred or whisk


  1. In a bowl wide enough for a hand mixer or whisk put in 2 tbsp of instant coffee. Regular coffee grounds will not work.

  2. Add in 2 tbsp of sugar

  3. Add 2 tbsp of hot water

  4. Use a hand mixer or whisk until frothy

  5. Fill a glass up with 3/4 of milk and top the rest off with the whipped coffee and then you're done!

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